1. Free In A Cage
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Free In A Cage

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Seeing that we're all experiencing these challenging times, I wrote "Free In A Cage" to reflect the positive and negatives emotions with isolation. Free download. Donations appreciated if you feel so inclined. Enjoy and stay healthy!


Thinking and dreaming that love’s all around me
In silence I feel so less alone
But wishing and scheming
The piggies start squealing
Desperately hoping to grow
Back here on Earth
The bells of the church ring

It’s been one of those ‘stay in bed’ kind of springs
Shouting at bugs in the wall
But pretty soon now
We’ll float on a cloud and we’ll sing

Sing for the friends we have gained
And those we have lost on the way
I can’t say I blame them, they flew much too close to the sun
Sing for the bird on the wire
Fearful to fly any higher
Circling the world in their own kind of way
Isn’t it strange/how does it feel/ to be free in a cage?

There’s a mother nextdoor with a baby who laughs
No doubts tomorrow will come
To speak honestly
The baby is me

But back here in bed
With a lady who loves me
Sewn in like seeds in the dirt
But out there on Earth
The pains getting worse